COVID-19: FSSAI Issues Guidelines to Wash Fruits and Vegetables


  • Fruits and vegetables need to be washed after you buy them
  • Fruits and vegetables should be put in water for a few minutes with a 50 ppm drop of chlorine to make them germ-free
  • Follow these simple tips given by FSSAI to wash fruits and vegetables in the right way

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued few guidelines to be followed for cleaning fruits and vegetables during the coronavirus pandemic.

From time immemorial, washing fruits and vegetables has been an essential part of cooking. Fruits and vegetables are washed before eating or cooking to get rid of the soil, microbes and pesticides. Since the pandemic, washing has become all the more important.

Market places are generally damp and bacteria tend to breed in moist areas. Also, the market places are usually heavily crowded and therefore, it is essential to follow safety protocol.

‘With the emergence of a global pandemic, people became more aware and specific about the food they consume. It is essential to ensure the food you consume is clean and healthy.’
Things to Keep in Mind while Washing Fruits and Vegetables

Here are a few tips to follow while washing fruits and vegetables:

  • Fruits and vegetables need to be kept in an isolated place after you bring them home
  • Do not store in a refrigerator immediately, as they can contaminate other items
  • Wash all your fruits and vegetables properly with water
  • You can also put them in water for a few minutes with a 50 ppm drop of chlorine
  • To clean fruits and vegetables, use potable water
  • Do not clean fruits and vegetables with wipes, disinfectants or soaps
  • After cleaning, store them in the right place and do not leave them lying around

Things to Keep in Mind while Shopping

FSSAI has also issued specific guidelines to make food shopping safer. Here are a few things to remember while shopping:

  • Keep your shoes outside the house, as soon as you return from the market place to keep the germs from entering your house
  • After you enter your house, do not touch anything in the house
  • Washing your hands should be your priority. Wash for at least 20 seconds after
  • Keep a separate storage bin for clothes that have been outside the house
  • Change into clean clothes and wash the used clothes in the bin
  • Disinfect the food packages you bought from the market. Clean them with soap or alcohol-based solution and water
  • After cleaning the food packages and items, disinfect the sink and the floor and area near it


Washing has become part of our everyday lives. Fruits and vegetables need to be washed thoroughly after they have been bought from the supermarket. Apart from personal and social hygiene, extra attention needs to be given for food safety measures. The guidelines given by FSSAI are easy to follow and will go a long way in keeping you safe.