COVID-19- Impacted global economy as well as trade routes and supply chains

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The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization as it has spread from China to many of other countries, including India. The family of corona viruses includes the virus that causes the common cold, but Covid-19 is a new strain for which scientists are still developing treatments.

The human cost of the corona-virus outbreak is climbing across world. The economic cost is also mounting. That damage is, for the most part, not due to the virus itself, but due to efforts to prevent it from spreading.

The corona virus infection in India has forced the country to resort to stringent quarantine checks in their battle to stop the spread of disease and the measures are starting to have a knock-on effect on  the global commodities shipping market. The National lockdown prevents business-related travel as well as the movement of goods and workers. The impact is not confined to India.

This Infection caused production halts and shipment disruptions across India in End of February as quarantines and closures affected Logistics and Shipping.National retailers have closed operations as an early warning sign of possible extensive disruption ahead.under lockdown, India is expected to witness a major impact on imports and exports in pharmaceutical Industry and its spread has affected International shipping as country have scrambled to control the spread by tightening border controls and discouraging public gatherings.

Indian pharmaceutical supply chain managers are buying freight capacity in advance for medicines, especially for cold chain supplies, as air traffic continues to decline and EMS shut down temporarily and National lock down have further disrupted transportation.

In light of government advisory and for a decisive battle against the corona virus outbreak all our offices remain closed until April 14th 2020, we will available at your finger tip as our staffs are working from home with the efficient support of our IT department to full fill your needs.
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